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interior heat which will reduce heating costs during the colder months.

Window film has come a long way from it's inception.  In the past, in order to reap the benefits of window film, you had to choose a film that was dark in shade and sometimes even metallic to block the most heat.  While some window films still may contain metals and remain dark in color, there are high performance films that reject the same or more heat than those darker films.  These high performance films have evolved to have high heat rejection levels without altering the outside appearance. 

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 Solar control window film in schools can offer the same benefits as the window film applied to homes and offices.  An entire school does not necessarily need window film installed to every pane of glass but there are certain areas that can reap the most benefits.  For example; a computer lab can have the glare reduced on the screens, a sunny corridor can finally have some relief from heat, or the classrooms, with over 25 students, can be cooler when spring and summer begin, all when window film is applied to those windows. Window film can reflect as much as 80% of the sun’s heat whichwill lower energy costs and the same film will retain

Solar Control Film

The uses of window film can vary depending on what need is wanting to be met. Students, teachers and administrators alike, are in schooling facilities over 200 days a year, for more than six hours a day.  During this span of time, the weather outside is changing and the temperatures in the classrooms and corridors are fluctuating as well. 
School window tinting of Denver specializing in safety/security film, solar control film and anti-graffiti film. No project is too big or too small.